Transit Wheelchairs

If you haven’t the necessary strength to propel yourself and need someone to propel the wheelchair for you, a transit wheelchair is the option. Transit wheelchairs have much smaller wheels at the rear, enabling the wheelchair to be pushed and maneuvered more easily by your carer. Smaller wheels allow the wheelchair to be loaded into the boot of a car more easily and quickly, although most self propel wheelchairs now feature quick release wheels.

Wheelchairs are chosen for specific needs. If you are able to propel yourself some of the time, then choosing a self-propelled version might be the better choice. However, it is worth considering the increased width of a self-propelled wheelchair due to the push-rims on the rear wheels, balanced against the available boot space in your car.

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  1. Expedition Plus Travel Wheelchair
    The Expedition Plus Travel Chair offers a feature reach travel wheelchair providing exellent practicality and comfort. Learn More
  2. Roma 1100 Car Transit Wheelchair
    The Roma 1100 Transit Wheelchair features detachable arms, fold down back and has swing away footrests. This transit... Learn More
  3. S1 Transit Wheelchair
    As low as £114.00 £95.00
    This Budget Steel wheelchair has some features normally found on more upmarket models such as solid tyres and height... Learn More
  4. Days Escape Lite Wheelchair
    As low as £130.80 £109.00
    With an extremely lightweight and foldable aluminium frame, the Escape Lite has been specially designed for ease of... Learn More
  5. Roma 1235 Lightweight Transit Wheelchair
    As low as £142.80 £119.00
    The Roma 1235 Transit Wheelchair weighs just 11 kg and is an ideal companion for days out. Learn More
  6. Lightweight Aluminium transit Wheelchair
    At just over 8kg with wheels removed, the entry level lightweight aluminium wheelchairs are both light in weight and on... Learn More
  7. Days Swift Attendant Wheelchair
    As low as £166.80 £139.00
    The Swift wheelchair is a firm favourite due to its versatility and ease of use. With a high quality aluminium frame... Learn More
  8. Enigma S4 Wheelchair Transit
    As low as £192.00 £160.00
    The Enigma Superior Steel Wheelchair has the same trusted characteristic strength and features of a standard steel... Learn More
  9. Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Wheelchair Transit
    As low as £204.00 £170.00
    The Drive medical ultra light Wheelchair has been stylishly designed to feature a two tone upholstery, desk style... Learn More
  10. XS2 Aluminium Transit Wheelchair
    As low as £274.80 £229.00
    Our new and improved XS Wheelchair uses a similar frame to the XSAWC Wheelchair but adds many new features. Learn More
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