Self Propelled Wheelchairs

If you intend to propel yourself in the wheelchair, you will need to a consider 'self propel' wheelchair found here. Self Propel wheelchairs are distinctive in that they feature large back wheels. Whilst these wheelchairs are primarily designed to be used by the occupant many models feature pushing handles so that someone can push you when required.

If you feel you may want to propel yourself even occasionally, we would recommend choosing a self propel chair. Self Propel wheelchairs generally offer the best of both worlds but are wider and so may be more troublesome when moving through narrow spaces especially door frames.

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  1. Engima XS2 Aluminium Self Propel Wheelchair
    Our new and improved XS Wheelchair uses a similar frame to the XSAWC Wheelchair but adds many new features. Learn More
  2. Enigma Super Deluxe 2 Wheelchair Self Propel
    The Enigma range of Super Deluxe Weelchairs was developed with all the luxury features to make this one of the UK’s... Learn More
  3. Sentra EC Heavy Duty Wheelchair
    The Sentra EC has been designed for the larger person to ensure their mobility experience is as comfortable as possible. Learn More
  4. S1 Wheelchair Self Propelled
    This Budget Steel wheelchair has some features normally found on more upmarket models such as solid tyres and height... Learn More
  5. Silver Sport Self Propelled Wheelchair
    The Silver Sport wheelchair is a stylish addition to the steel range. It is the first steel wheelchair to come with... Learn More
  6. Self Propelling Wheelchair with Detachable Arms
    As low as £148.80 £124.00
    This 'value for money' budget Roma Medical 1000 standard Self Propel Wheelchair makes this wheelchair very popular and... Learn More
  7. Lightweight Aluminium Wheelchair Self Propel
    As low as £168.00 £140.00
    At just over 8kg with wheels removed, the entry level lightweight aluminium wheelchairs are both light in weight and on... Learn More
  8. Roma Self Propelled Wheelchair
    As low as £174.00 £145.00
    The Roma 1410 Chrome plated steel wheelchair is a no nonsense standard wheelchair fitted with detachable arms and swing... Learn More
  9. Engima S4 Wheelchair Self Propelled
    As low as £192.00 £160.00
    The stylish steel S4 Wheelchair features an attractive Metallic Green or Silver frame and has desk style armrests which... Learn More
  10. Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Wheelchair Self Propel
    As low as £210.00 £175.00
    The Drive medical ultra light Wheelchair has been stylishly designed to feature a two tone upholstery, desk style... Learn More
  11. Enigma XS Aluminium Wheelchair Self Propel
    As low as £213.00 £177.50
    The Enigma XS aluminium wheelchair offers an array of added features with a value-for-money price tag which will be... Learn More
  12. Phantom Wheelchair
    As low as £216.00 £180.00
    The stylish Phantom transit and self propel wheelchairs are designed for either occasional or frequent use and can be... Learn More
  13. Heavy Duty Steel Wheelchair
    This folding heavy duty extra wide steel wheelchair includes as standard removable under desk armrests, swing away... Learn More
  14. Spirit Self Propel Wheelchair
    As low as £378.00 £315.00
    The new stylish Spirit wheelchair uses the latest in wheelchair design to produce an elegant yet highly practical... Learn More
  15. Enigma K-Chair Self Propel Wheelchair
    As low as £442.80 £369.00
    The new Enigma K Chair has been developed to provide a new level of comfort for wheelchair users. Learn More
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