All the products on the website are sold with a manufacturers warranty to cover the full cost of parts and labor. We offer two different levels of warranty that vary depending on your purchase.

In the unlikely event your purchase does develop a fault please contact our support team on 0800 020 9468. We may ask you to assist us in determining what the problem may be, to do so you will not require any technical knowledge and questions will be based on your observations.

Purchases that are covered by our return to base warranty will need to be returned to our workshop so that diagnostic and repairs may be carried out. If the repair is simple, we may with your agreement send the spare parts directly to your home for you to install.

Items cover by Return to Base Warranty

Wheelchairs, Wheelchair accessories, Walking Aids, Batteries, Bathing Aids, Household Aids

Warranty limitations

Your warranty covers all manufacturing issues. The manufacturers warranty does not extend to the replacement of items due to normal wear and tear. This includes but not limited to tyres, light bulbs, fuses, motor brushes, seat upholstery and shrouds.

Improper use or modification of any item is not only potentially dangerous but also voids any warranty.

Accidental damage is not covered by the warranty.

Returning an item to our workshop

You may bring your purchase to our workshop yourself otherwise the item will need to be sent by courier at our expense. As with all internet purchases we recommend where possible you retain the original packaging so that it will be protected during shipping

Our On Site Warranty provides a full repair service at your home should your purchase develop a fault during the warranty period.

Items covered by our In Home Warranty

Rise and Recliners, Mobility Scooters and Powerchairs

In-Home Warranty

All diagnostic and repair work will be undertaken at your home by a qualified service engineers at our expense.

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