Our Rollators are sturdy wheeled walking frames designed to enhance the users ability to walk greater distances and feature four wheels to offer an increased level of support and ressurance whether out and about or simply moving around the home. A Rollator offers support to both arms making them an effective alternative to a walking stick.

Many Rollators incorporate a seat between the handle bars, a handy feature for users who need to rest frequently. 

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  1. Drive Medical SR8 Rollator
    £46.79 £38.99
    The Drive Medical SR8 rollator combines superior quality with great value for money. Learn More
  2. Lightweight Folding Rollator
    £50.39 £41.99
    This lightweight rollator from Roma is easily manoveurable, encouraging independence inside and outside the home Learn More
  3. Lightweight R6 Rollator
    £51.59 £42.99
    The Drive Medical R6 Rollator is a lightweight highly durable rollator perfect for daily use at a price you can... Learn More
  4. R8 Lightweight Rollator
    £53.99 £44.99
    Light to carry and light on your pocket, this New Aluminium Rollator offers many upmarket features at a price you can... Learn More
  5. Z-tec M Brand Folding Aluminium Rollator
    £66.00 £55.00
    This M Brand Rollator features a folding lightweight design available in three colourful options. Learn More
  6. Folding Lightweight Compact Aluminium Rollator
    £78.00 £65.00
    This Lightweight compact Aluminium 4 Wheeled Rollator features large 20cm wheels, a height adjustable padded seat with... Learn More
  7. Out of stock
    Roomba Indoor Rollator
    This high value walking frame is designed in contrasting white and black and has been developed for indoor use. Learn More
  8. Falcon Lightweight Folding Rollator
    £90.00 £75.00
    The ZT-FALCON is possibly the lightest 4 wheel walker on the market today at only 5.5kgs!, and comes ready assembled... Learn More
  9. X Fold Rollator
    £94.20 £78.50
    The Drive Medical X-Fold Rollator features a sturdy yet lightweight aluminium frame for easy manoeurability. The frame... Learn More
  10. Roma City Walker Rollator
    £95.99 £79.99
    The Roma City Walker Rollator is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  The design of this rollator means it is... Learn More
  11. Diamond Aluminium Rollator
    £106.80 £89.00
    The Drive Medical Diamond Deluxe Rollator is a ideal for those who are looking for a functional and stable rollator. Learn More
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