Walking Aids

Here you will find everything you need to assist you in walking safely whether indoors or outdoors including Rollators, Tri Walkers, Crutches, Walking Frames, and Walking Sticks. Our walking aids can provide you with safety and security when walking is difficult or there is a need to frequently rest. We supply all the mainstream walking aids and some alternative products that are certainly worth your consideration.

Our stylish and functional 4 wheeled Rollators combine the convenience of an occasional seat with the stability and security of a traditional walking frame when out and about.

Our Triwalkers offer many of the features of our rollators but offer greater manoeuvrability due to their three wheel design.

Our Walking Sticks are feature rich and can take you beyond the world of the traditional wooden walking stick. Take advantage of our new orthopaedic handles, composite construction, floral designs, combined with the convenience of folding shafts. Where more stability is required our crutches offer a new take on the traditional hospital crutch.

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  1. Lightweight Folding Rollator
    This lightweight rollator from Roma is easily manoveurable, encouraging independence inside and outside the home Learn More
  2. Comfort Rollator
    The Comfort Rollator was developed to provide the user with maximum comfort and convenience when they use this... Learn More
  3. Diamond Deluxe Rollator
    The Drive Medical diamond deluxe rollator is a durable and functional rollator that can be easily transformed into a... Learn More
  4. Net Bag For Walking Frames
    £9.60 £8.00
    This Net Bag for walking frames provides a convenient place to store personal items around the home or whilst out and... Learn More
  5. Aluminium Adjustable Walking Stick
    £9.60 £8.00
    This adjustable walking stick is constructed from sturdy aluminium that is lightweight and easy to carry. The push... Learn More
  6. Anatomic Adjustable Walking Stick
    As low as £10.80 £9.00
    This comfortable anatomic walking stick is available with either a left or right handed grip. The simple folding design... Learn More
  7. Aluminium Palm Grip Walking Stick
    As low as £10.80 £9.00
    With an ergonomically shaped handle that evenly distributes hand pressure across the palm of the hand, this walking... Learn More
  8. Adjustable Walking Stick
    As low as £10.80 £9.00
    An ingenious folding walking stick that is easily folded away for storage and snaps opens when required. Learn More
  9. Folding Walking Stick With Gel Grip Handle
    As low as £10.80 £9.00
    This Walking Stick features a Gel Grip handle that has been designed to reduce the normal hand stress and fatigue... Learn More
  10. T Handle Walking Stick
    As low as £12.00 £10.00
    This walking stick features an attractive, wooden T-handle, allowing the thumb to wrap around the front, whilst the... Learn More
  11. Drive Folding Walking Stick
    As low as £12.00 £10.00
    These simple-to-fold Walking Sticks feature an attractive wooden handle with a brass collar. Learn More
  12. Walker Bag
    £14.40 £12.00
    This Walking Frame Bag features three large compartments, with a front velcro fastening to keep items safe. Learn More
  13. Swan Neck Walking Stick With Soft Grip
    As low as £14.40 £12.00
    This walking stick is ideal for users who are unstable on their feet and place a lot of weight on their stick. For... Learn More
  14. Folding Walking Stick With Glow Grip Handle
    As low as £14.40 £12.00
    This sturdy walking stick features a unique silicone gel handle and ferrule tip that also glows in the dark to provide... Learn More
  15. Offset Heavy Duty Cane
    £16.79 £13.99
    This cane has been manufactured with steel tubing for additional strength and can accommodate a load up to 225kg (35.5... Learn More
  16. Quad Cane
    £16.80 £14.00
    This Quad cane has been designed with four feet to provide a wider base for additional stability for user with limited... Learn More
  17. All Terrain Cane
    £16.80 £14.00
    Walk safety and confidently with this All-Terrain Cane in almost any weather condition or surface. Learn More
  18. Petite Folding Walking Stick
    As low as £18.00 £15.00
    This walking stick had been designed to accomodate the small user, offering a stick height range between 74 cm and 84... Learn More
  19. Nitro Rollator Accessory Pack
    £19.20 £16.00
    The Nitro Accessory pack contains a Bottle Holder and a Cane Holder specifically designed for all Nitro models except... Learn More
  20. Large Quad Cane
    £19.20 £16.00
    This Quad Cane has four feet which are set wider apart than those on standard quads to offer even greater support and... Learn More
  21. Bariatric Quad Cane
    £21.60 £18.00
    The Quad Cane is lightweight, yet has an extra strong base and is strong enough to support users of up to 35.5 stone Learn More
  22. Single Adjustable Crutches
    £22.79 £18.99
    These Single Adjustable Crutches are manufactured from sturdy yet lightweight aluminium for stability and durability.... Learn More
  23. Double Adjustable Forearm Crutches
    As low as £24.00 £20.00
    The shaft of these Double Adjustable Forearm Crutches is made from sturdy, yet lightweight aluminium for stability and... Learn More
  24. Folding Walking Frame
    As low as £25.20 £21.00
    This Lightweight Folding Walking Frame has Vinyl contoured hand grips for comfort. It is Height adjustable and has an... Learn More
  25. Paediatric Crutches
    £26.40 £22.00
    These Paediatric Crutches assist with the mobility of individuals who can partially weight bear. They come supplied in... Learn More
  26. Aluminium Underarm Crutches
    As low as £26.40 £22.00
    These aluminium underarm crutches are generally suitable for individuals who cannot weight bear through their affected... Learn More
  27. Walking Stick With Light and Alarm
    As low as £26.40 £22.00
    This folding walking stick features a built-in LED light and alarm on the handle, providing additional safety to users... Learn More
  28. Hurrycane Walking Stick
    As low as £26.40 £22.00
    The freestanding design of the HurryCane® means that the cane can aid users when moving from a sitting to a standing... Learn More
  29. Trough Crutches
    £28.80 £24.00
    The Drive DeVilbiss Trough Crutches have been specifically designed for those suffering with arthritis, with limited... Learn More
  30. Forearm Crutches With Anatomic Grip
    £30.00 £25.00
    The handgrips of these Forearm Crutches are ergonomically designed so they distribute pressure over a wider area of the... Learn More
  31. Drive Walking Walker Frame
    £30.00 £25.00
    This walker is designed to provide a unique level of assistance. It will easily move along with the user without any... Learn More
  32. Bariatric Forearm Crutches
    £32.39 £26.99
    These Bariatric Forearm Crutches are manufactured from steel for extra strength to accommodate a larger user.  For... Learn More
  33. Easy Rise Walking Frame
    £38.40 £32.00
    This Walking Frame has been designed with two pairs of handgrips on two levels to aid the user when rising from the... Learn More
  34. Ready Set Go Travel Walking Frame
    £43.20 £36.00
    The Ready Set Go Walking Frame has been designed to fold tool free to half the size of a traditional walking frame for... Learn More
  35. Bariatric Folding Walking Frame
    £43.20 £36.00
    This Bariatric Walking Frame weighs just 4 kg and can accomodate a user up to 36 stone (227 kg). The lightweight frame... Learn More
  36. Drive SR8 Rollator
    As low as £46.79 £38.99
    The Drive Medical SR8 rollator combines superior quality with great value for money. Learn More
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