When you need something more substantial and supportive than a stick for support when walking, then there are two options – either a walking frame (often called by the brand name – Zimmer Frame) which is without wheels or else you can choose a wheeled walking frame, generally called a Rollator.

Walking frames with four legs need a reasonable amount of strength in the arms in order to lift the frame each time you step forward. The rubber ferrules on the end of each leg provide a non-slip surface for added security when used in outdoor situations.

There is a choice of sizes and widths available. You need to measure the width of the frame to ensure it is wide enough to support you and comfortably accommodate you, yet allow you to easily manoeuvre it through doorways.


Folding Walking Frames are also available and can be stored easily in the boot of a car. They come with four legs or with two wheels to the front (see picture above on the right).You need to lift the back wheels off the floor to move forward and needs less arm strength to manoeuvre it. When the back legs are lowered to the floor, they act as a brake until they are lifted again. There is a very good locking system to prevent any chance of them folding whilst in use.

Some models have a seat incorporated, whilst others have pockets for storing items and a tray help transfer items from room to room indoors.